Gunz is an odd game, more weird than others

User Rating: 4 | Gunz The Duel PC
Well, Gunz is an odd game, more weird than others.
Gunz has put it self into a difficult area, a TPS (Third Person Shooter). TPS's usual arn't for high action shooters, but for shooters that are more organized, such as GTA.
First things first. The leveling system. I don't like it. I don't like the idea of levels ever. I find Levels to be dumb. Levels should be placed on by skill, not by how much you play.
2nd of all, The weapons. Tonnes of Spray weapons. There are also tonnes of melee weapons. Now here's the dumb part, swords, can kill faster than SMGs. Where is the logic in that. In the game, Pistols, do almost 3 times more damage than SMGs, also not true. 1 good thing, the SMGs have just about no accuracy when fired from 20 meters or more, just like they are in real life. In Gunz, there are special moves, something called Butterfly Step Move. This move is the ultimate move. When done well, you are invincible. Capiche. It's stupid. I find that Gunz is too much of a fantasy game, not a hardcore shooter.
3rd of all, I don't like the music. Music is odd. Not to my enjoyment, get's very irratating.
4th of all, Graphics. Graphics are quite spectacular. Better than more.
5th of all, the game requires no special engine. I like that compared to others such as Crysis.
Overall, Gunz i think, is overrated.

Graphics 8/10
Gameplay 4/10
Sound 3/10
Difficulty 1/10
Final Score 4/10