Gungriffon II Cheats For Saturn

  1. Bonus VS.battle map

    If you have the original Gun Griffon game, start it up and make sure a game save was placed on your Saturn memory. Now start Gun Griffon 2 for a bonus VS.battle map called 'Hejaz'.

    Contributed by: SeGaFrEaK NL 

  2. Various cheats

    Enter these codes in the Title Screen.

    Effect Effect
    A, C, B, C, C on Controller Two Play in black color
    Left, Left, B, Left, Right on Controller Two Play in pink color
    C, C, C, Up, B on Controller Two Remove Enemy Tracking Radar from screen
    Up, Down, A, A, B on Controller Two Remove Radar from screen
    C, B, A, Z, Y on Controller Two Show Eliminated Enemies

    Contributed by: Certificate of Death 

  3. Robot Select

    Effect Effect
    First, complete normal mode. Then, press Right, Left, Right, Left, A on controller two at the title screen. Robot Select

    Contributed by: Justoid27