GunBound Cheats For PC

  1. Secret Mobiles

    There are two Secret Mobiles that aren't seen in the Mobile Select Screen. They are very powerful, so you only get them if you select Random as your mobile. You have a 1/18 of getting one of these.

    Contributed by: aduckie 

  2. Various Unlockables

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Get to Metal Axe Rank (2300 GP) Able to join Guilds
    Become a silver axe and have 20,000G. Go to to create your guild Create guild
    Reach double wooden hammer (1200 GP) Post at message boards
    Become a Stone Hammer (1500 GP) Space Marine Hat and Suit

    Contributed by: hehebobwarrior216, Fire EmblemGX, Dragon, Prior22 

  3. Gunbound Ranks

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Start as Baby Chicken
    Next 16 Top Players After Red Dragons Blue Dragon
    top .1% of users over 6900 GP Diamond Hole
    over 6000 GP Double Gold Axe
    2800 GP Double Metal Axe
    4200 GP Double Silver Axe
    1800 GP Double Stone Hammer
    1200 GP Double Wooden Hammer
    5100 GP Gold Axe
    top 11-20% of users over 6900 GP Gold Double Sided Axe
    top 7-10% of users over 6900 GP Gold Double Sided Axe+
    2300 GP Metal Axe
    top 71-100% of users over 6900 GP Metal Double Sided Axe
    top 51-70% of users over 6900 GP Metal Double Sided Axe+
    Next 4 Top Players After Silver Dragon Red Dragon
    top .2-1% of users over 6900 GP Red Ruby Hole
    top 2-3% of users over 6900 GP Sapphire Hole
    3500 GP Silver Axe
    top 31-50% of users over 6900 GP Silver Double Sided Axe
    top 21-30% of users over 6900 GP Silver Double Sided Axe+
    Top 1 Player Silver Dragon
    1500 GP Stone Hammer
    top 4-6% of users over 6900 GP Violet Hole
    1100 GP Wooden Hammer

    Contributed by: weewot 

  4. Misc. Codes

    Enter the following codes at the waiting screen in a room, at Channels 1-8 in any server of the game, or at the box where you talk when the game is being played.

    Effect Effect
    /go <room number> brings you to specific room
    /m <name> <message> Directly send a private message to someone. (spaces between /m, name, and your message)
    /mutelist Displays the people that you have currently muted.
    /loud <name> Displays the person's messages if you muted his/her. (spaces between /loud and name)
    /exit Exits the game completely
    /h help menu
    /help help menu
    /guide help menu
    /mute <name> Ignores the person's messages. (spaces between /mute and name)
    /kick <name> Kick anyone from a game. (you MUST be the keyholder of the game, spaces between /kick and name)
    /quit Quit the game and return to your desktop.
    /loudall Unmutes all people

    Contributed by: pRoCrusher, meteor swarm, LightBlade, Band1tJ1ng, megaman9xp 

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