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Gunbird 2 Cheats For Dreamcast

  1. Play as Morrigan and Ain

    To play as either Morrigan or Ain, highlight the question mark on the player select screen. Press Up to play as Morrigan. Press Down to play as Ain.

    Contributed by: DAndersen 

  2. Debug Mode

    Start up your Dreamcast and hold Start until you see a Debug/Dip Switch menu. You can now go through a stage select, use invincibility, infinite bombs, listen to the music, and even hear the Japanese intros/endings cut from the US version!

    Contributed by: Hero 

  3. Unlock Gallery Images in Japanese version

    Enter the following at the mode select screen:

    Effect Effect
    Down, Down, Down, Up, Down, Down, Down, Up, Down, Down, Up, Up, Down, Up, Right (on the dpad) Unlocks all gallery images.

    Contributed by: jvgfanatic 

Gunbird 2 Cheats For Arcade Games

  1. Play as Aine.

    To play as Aine, the warrior-archer, press DOWN while highlighting the Random box on the character-select screen. Aine is only available if enabled in the game's maintenance mode.

    Contributed by: OrochiFire 

  2. Maintenance Codes

    Enter Service Mode and then select "Maintenance Code" to enter these codes

    Effect Effect
    5-3-1-5-7 AINE Flag Cancelled (Clears AINE from being playable, as default).
    5-3-5-7-3 All Data Initialised.
    5-2-0-4-8 Maintenace Mode [Stage Select (Loads of cool stuff here), Obj Test, BG TestPlay Status, Stage Status]
    5-3-7-6-5 Sit an AINE Flag1 (Displays 'AINE ?' at test, extra 'explicit' character on random box).
    5-1-0-2-4 Sit an AINE Flag2 (Displays 'AINE OK' at test, use AINE by pressing 'Down' on random box).

    Contributed by: KemonoBeast 

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