Riding from mission to mission and from loading screen to loading screen

User Rating: 7 | Gun Showdown PSP
Don't get me wrong...I like the game...it's a good port of the pc-version, but there are some things, that I didn't like about it.
First of all...I had many loading times during play...I'm not that far, but yet I guess, I have already seen about 50 loading times.
Let me take Empire City for example...you're riding to the bridge and some metres before it...loading...please wait...then you're approaching the city and again...loading...please wait...
At this point I thought: "Okay...the city seems to be loaded at once..." Found this okay...but then in the city, he needs to load the place around hoodoos house too.
Second: There is a bug sometimes, where he just doesn't load the enviroment...Sometimes I was approaching an ugly area with no textures and the railroad seemed to end. Normally this would be a time for a loading time, so I continued riding and then I just fell into the ground o_O
But lets get to the Game itself...The story is great...like a neverending western rollercoaster...Graphics are good...the whole enviroment is a little bit simple, but that's normal for a game set in the time of the wild west.