Gun Metal Cheats For Xbox

  1. Mission Select, Mission Skip, Alternate Music, & Joke Briefing(s)

    To use the Mission Select code, enter it while at the Mission Select screen.

    For Mission Skip, use the following code during a mission.

    For Alternate music, enter the code at the title screen.

    And finally, for humorous mission briefings, enter the given code during Missions 1, 3, 6, 8, 9, or 14.

    Effect Effect
    Left Analog-stick(2), Right Analog-stick(2), L, R Alternate Music
    L(2), R(2), Left Analog-stick, Right Analog-stick Joke Mission Breifings (specific missions only)
    Left Analog-stick, Black, R, Right Analog-stick, White, L Mission Select
    Left Analog-stick, White(2), C-pad Down, Right Analog-stick, White Mission Skip

    Contributed by: GGTigerclaw0 

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