This game is so addicting that you will start seeing signs of carpal tunnel, LOL! Just kidding. Or am I...

User Rating: 9.6 | Guitar Hero PS2

Guitar Hero is just like DDR with the scrolling notes that you have to time with the beat of the song but the songs are so much better and you don't perspire as much from fatigue in this game. When you play this game you will instantly be sucked in and if your not careful one song turns into a few more songs which turns into looking at the clock and wondering how fast the day went. As you pass song by song you can unlock new venues and purchase songs, guitars, skins, characters, etc... --Graphics--

The graphics for this game are mediocre but it really doesn't matter because the music and the gameplay make up for this.


The music is amazing! Lots of songs to play from "Fat Lip" to "Bark at the Moon" and you get to play the lead guitar part! What is also pretty funny is that when you miss a note an out-of-tune pitch is played so you know right away if you are hitting or missing the notes.


A highly addictive game that you will be playing for hours and hours in single player or playing against your friends. Play this game if you need a break from school or work and you don't want to think that much in a video game.