Fun multiplayer game

User Rating: 7.5 | Guitar Hero World Tour X360
My first comment is a negative one - it was the drum sensitivity. I had issues with the cymbals and bass pedal but after they promptly sent the midi cable and tuning software, I was able to alter the sensitivity and the drums have been great since then.

Overall, it's a good selection of songs but there were a few really old ones which maybe shouldn't have been included. The song list would obviously differ in preference by the individual.

Some of the guitar and drum songs are really hard, I mean extremely extremely hard on Expert mode. Even on hard, I found the Ted Nugent Guitar dual quite difficult. A weird trick that Activision have done is to make the ends of some songs really hard, so you spent ages playing the song and get screwed in the end and you keep doing it and doing it but never succeed.

Bass was pretty easy but in reality, it would be the simplest of the instruments in choice. I was cruising along all the songs on expert till I got bored half way and just stuck to Guitar and Drums. Maybe they can work on the bass more in the next version.

GHMix is hard to use, I wouldn't waste my time with it even though I had big plans for it prior to purchasing the game. Recording is such a pain on it. GHTunes isn't developed properly, the search results keep resetting and is a pain to use as well. Since they removed songs that are copywrited, all you get is a bunch of crappy 'originals'.