Humm, not the best...

User Rating: 5 | Guitar Hero World Tour WII
First of all, just because i own a Wii, doesn’t mean that the graphics have to suck. You could have at least made it look as clean as Guitar Hero III, this game looks terrible. It feels as if GT just slapped this one together with their second cousin that coded games from 1992. Maybe try styalizing it a bit more for the capabilities of the Wii?
The game IS fun, it's a classic rhythm game. It was great to finally get drums and mic with GT because i'm a fan of the franchise. The drums have a learning cuve, as of course, all rhythm games do. Although they throw all of the colors at you all at once, unlike graduating you as they have in the past with the guitar. I think not doing that was poor choice.
Picking, what i believe is 5 or 6 songs is a bit much at times, sometimes my group of friends only want in on one particular song, and instrument.
Honestly, there isnt much you can do to improve having colored circles and you pushing or hitting buttons corresponding to make music. If I was introduced to Rock Band before GT, I would probably be a fan of the Rock Band series more than GT.
Hopefully GT contiunes to make the game experiance easier, instrument customizable and more free flowing, which to the sounds of GH5 they've corrected those problems.
Overall, like i said, it's disapointing, it didnt even seem as if they gave it the "old college try" on the Wii version. There isnt much you need to do on a rhythm game they're all basically the same, but they failed to do than to build just the rhythm game.