Guitar Hero on the DS. The fun game plus hardware problems make this game a hard but slightly worth-it experience.

User Rating: 8 | Guitar Hero: On Tour DS
Guitar Hero: On Tour is a good try, but the formula still needs to be cleaned up. To play the game, the game comes with a guitar grip that you put into the Game Pak slot on your DS. The attachment then allows you to to play the notes. You then strum with an attached pick stylus the notes that you see on the left screen, because you hold the DS like a book and like in other games like Brain Age.
First up is the song list. The list has memorable songs like "Black Magic Woman" (Santana), and "Do What You Want" (OK Go). Sure, there are twenty-six songs, instead of like, forty-five songs. They all sound great and just about all of the songs are master recordings.
The graphics are normal like most DS games. The notes look beautiful as they scroll down the screen, and real guitars are included in the game, a remarcable feat for GH.
On to the modes.The career mode has the one guitar mode like always. You simply play through the list of songs and earn money; moving on to five different venues. The quickplay mode is the same as always, as you unlock the songs, you can just simply play the songs. Practice mode gives you tutorials and practice parts of all of songs. The newest mode, Battles, is one of the funnest. You play a song and instead of star power, you duel a computer player and fire powerups at the opposite player to stumble the player and lose points. It makes great use of the touch screen and the mic. The multiplayer mode let's you play against a friend at a battle mode.
The standard gameplay is the same you hit notes and chords by strumming them as they come down to you. The hardware, the guitar grip, makes it hard for you to play because it makes your hands cramp after too much play. If you pull the gg slightly, it will stop and you will have to restart the game. The game has an emphasis on picking, and sometimes the song dificulty will get hard, so you will have to get used to the crooked way the hardware makes this game play.