Most GH and RB titles are hit or miss when it comes to fun. This spin-off misses by a longshot.

User Rating: 4 | Guitar Hero: On Tour DS
Reviewing titles belonging to the recent 2005-made notehitter music genre is probably the hardest task for me, as otherwise I would have already churned out a Rock Band 2, Guitar Hero III, and World Tour review. This is because they are always hit or miss for me, on and off WHILE I'm playing the game. At times, Rock Band is boring, but other times, I have a blast with it. It's confusing. But I may end up writing those reviews sooner or later...we'll just have to wait and see.
So how can I review this title? Well, to put it simply, this game was not hit or miss for me; it was just MISS.
But reviews are meant to be longer than this, aren't they? So, I'll get to the review.


N/A. I'm not even going to rate the story, as there really isn't any.


Admittedly, though, the graphics are really nice. Especially for the DS. The graphics definitely could not fit into the N64, which is good. They are about early-mid-GameCube-lifespan graphical quality, almost matching games from the era of around 2002-2003 for that console. Despite this, many characters look blocky, and sometimes the animations leave quite a bit to be desired. Graphics: 7/10


But even though the graphics may impress the casual DS-goer, anyone who reads my reviews knows that graphics are hardly the largest contributing factor to the overall score; the largest is gameplay, obviously. And let me tell you, the gameplay fails in almost all ways.


They suck. First off, if you lose your little add-on thingy that comes with the game, the game is obsolete in every manner. You'da think that Activision/Vicarious Visions could have put in an alternate control scheme set to fit the ABXY buttons or the directional pad, somewhat akin to what the company did for GH3. Also, quick note: the add-on is a GBA dock, so if all you have is a DSi, don't even bother this game. It's not even worth buying a Lite for. Anywho, this game also only has four notes to hit, which can be understandable due to the add-on's clutterness and the game's memory.
This is yet another game requiring you to hold the DS sideways, which, by the way, is annoying as ****. The notes are held down on the add-on, and you strum with the touch screen. Innovative on paper, but the whole idea just died horribly.


A major part of games in the notehitter music genre is the setlist. Aaaaaaaand...*drum roll*
It sucks too. Metalheads (much like myself) will be horridly disappointed, as the closest thing to a heavy metal track (as in things like Slipknot and Unearth, NOT like Metallica) is one heavy rock track. Metallica fans will be thoroughly disappointed as well, but twenty-five songs (yes, ONLY twenty-five, with one bonus unlockable song) doesn't promise much. And those on their knees for some Van Halen tracks will not find the light in this game. To its credit, the game DOES have a track from Ozzy Ozzbourne (did I spell that right?), which is probably the only decent song in the whole setlist. Too bad it isn't Crazy Train.
All they have for this game in terms of the setlist barring for some of the later songs is bull**** pop rock **** and crappy mid-90's pop, like Spiderwebs. *shudders* Gah, the setlist is only a contributing factor to the game, but it is a huge one.
...The stupid pop songs are too catchy, I have to drown them out with actually decent music...

=-=Single Player=-=

Take everything from the review up until now and slap it here. That's single player.


Hello single player, meet dude in the local wireless vicinity. Let's play some of the same boring old fudge as you do in single player, the only difference being someone else is playing with you! And don't even worry about wasting your battery using wireless communication when you can conserve the battery energy by playing SINGLE PLAYER!


Gameplay: 3/10


Maybe I should have put the setlist part here. But anyway, you get the picture. The setlist sucks for my heavy metal tastes, and will suck for you any way you look at it unless you like pop rock. No sound effects, and the only voice acting is the singing in the songs. Sound: 3/10

Length/Replay Value

Like any GH title (but not an RB title), the whole career mode can be punched through in a day if you have the attention span and tolerance for the gosh-awful music. And chances are, you won't want to do it again. Length/Replay Value: 1/10

Fun Factor

N/A. Just kidding. What fun? Fun Factor: 1/10

Overall: 10/10, perfect. NAW I'm just screwing with you. 4/10, poor. Don't touch the game, your eardrums will rupture from the terrible music.