Once you find the way to hold the guitar, it becomes a very fun game.

User Rating: 8 | Guitar Hero: On Tour DS
The first time I launched the game, I was aggressed by the music. I remember telling myself it wasn't for me and that I would rather play it with the sound off.

But I gave it a second try. Learning how to use the guitar was quite something. It was very hard to find a comfy positiion but I managed to after many tries.

Then, I started my band Grrrr and had fun to compete with my friend's records.

I spitted a lot on the screen while blowing to raise my star power (didn't feel like screaming Rock on!). An annoying option if you ask me.

Songs started to grow on me. "I am not your gameboy" was one of the entertaining ones.

Some were very challenging such a Breed in expert mode.

Battle mode was fun, but again, blowing to extinguish fire became quite fast more than annoying.

On conclusion, a cool game the minute you find a good way to hold the guitar and a good way to discover rock.