Guitar Hero On Tour is a toned down Guitar Hero minus one button and a guitar.

User Rating: 6.5 | Guitar Hero: On Tour DS
The Guitar Hero craze took root and grew and grew and grew and grew. People all around the world could now live their dreams of being rock stars with their plastic guitar with five colorful buttons and a whammy bar to boot. Well they decided that some people would rather rock out with their electric guitars, or should I say, electric handgrips, any where, anytime, even in the back of their mom's mini-van.

Enter Guitar Hero: On Tour. A mini rock show with 25 tracks with rockin artist such as Maroon 5, Chris Daughtry, and Blink 182. Yep, once again the track listing isn't very pretty overall. There had to be some mainstream pop songs for the Nintendo DS version of Guitar Hero however. Especially since the system is touted as a force in the casual market. All those 15 year old girls who voted Daughtry as an American Idol finalist need something to rock out too as well. Even though I have never been fond of most of the Guitar Hero series track listings, the songs have always been fun to play, and that's what counts. So is the game fun to play? If you're a Guitar Hero vet you may remember or still experience times where you get pains in your upper arm while playing an insanely difficult songs on expert on the console versions of Guitar Hero. ready for some serious finger crampage. No pain no fun I always say. While hitting the buttons you are also forced to "strum" (I just poke my screen really) the right side of the DS where your virtual guitar is at. People with extremely tiny hands and people with giant hands both have positives and negatives when it comes to playing this game. If your hands are large you'll be bending your large or long fingers more to hit the buttons, but you can hold the DS with your left hand up easier. If your hands are tiny, you will be able to hit the buttons better, but holding your DS up is more difficult for you. So bottom line is you'll be in some pain when playing this game. No pain no fun!

25 tracks is squat compared to On Tour's grandpaw "World Tour" which boasts 80 tracks. But this is a DS cartridge, and 25 tracks is actually pretty impressive. The game has training mode, career mode, and multiplayer mode/ It isn't very hefty really. I haven't tried the multiplayer, and probably won't ever try it because the multiplayer is local only. Why didn't they put the Wi-Fo capabilities to use? Oh wait....that makes too much sense I guess, sorry. Guitar Hero nuts.....if you really are Guitar Hero nuts, you will buy and enjoy this game, like I have. But other people who already suffer from hand pain should stay away. It's simple really...."Guitar Hero on the DS, without an actual guitar, but with a rocking handgrip instead.