The Worst Guitar Hero Game in the series.

User Rating: 5.5 | Guitar Hero: On Tour DS
When I first heard about Guitar Hero coming to the DS i thought it would be a fun game to play. When I purchased it I played it and quickly after 3 songs, my hand was hurting. When playing it, my hands hurt sometimes. But sometimes I just get used to it and keep on rocking. Unfortunately, rocking here doesn't last long. The amount of songs in the game is not a lot and the set list is not that good. Career is also short because there are not a lot of songs, and it's kind of boring. Quick play and career is all the game pretty much has. But the game play is still kind of fun. Strumming on the screen and pressing the buttons on the bottom may be challenging at first, but get's easier as you continue to play. What makes it less challenging though is that there is no orange fret. It tones down the difficulty of the game a bit. Guitar Hero doesn't really hold up well on the Nintendo DS, unlike on the other consoles, where it's more fun using a Guitar. This misses a lot of the stuff a Guitar Hero game should have. But, maybe if you've never played Guitar Hero, and own a DS, you might enjoy it,