Better than advertised

User Rating: 8.5 | Guitar Hero: On Tour DS
Guitar Hero has been a pretty lateral series until lately adding drums and a mic to the mix. They also happened to add this little ds title that apparently failed. In my opinion, this was a win. Really the only thing that I have heard of that was wrong with the game was that the guitar grip is extremely uncomfortable and makes your wrist cry. I could seriously play this game for over an hour and my wrist was just fine, I don't see what the big complaint was. But anyways, the real disappointment for me was the 26 tracks, they get old fairly fast, I don't like playing the same songs over and over again, I like variety, I'm sure that if there was enough room on the tiny DS cartridge then they would have, but the limited space seriously hurts it.

- Its Guitar Hero, in the palm of your hand
- Stays fairly true to the Guitar Hero series
- Although the grip doesn't work out as well as planned, it still feels like a guitar hero game in almost every aspect
- Graphics are fairly good
- Despite the tiny song list, a lot of the songs are really good.
- Nice character customization options
- Duel Mode is a lot of fun

- Tiny song list
- (to some) the guitar grip is hand-cramping

This is a solid ds game that you should probably give a try, I liked it a lot, and if you like guitar hero, then I'm sure you would like this one too.