The biggest rhythm/music game of the century goes handheld with the DS.

User Rating: 9 | Guitar Hero: On Tour DS
I was really on the fence about buying into all of the hype of this game, but the hype was to much for me to handle and I had to go buy it. Before I start out talking abot the game I will tell you that I am not that big of a fan of the original Guitar Hero, being as I've never even played it, or any of them for that matter.
Now, in my opinion the makers of Activision did one of the most wonderful jobs not only choosing the songs, but the songs are like master recordings and are probably the best audio work I have ever seen done for the DS. I will say the gameplay is a bit odd. You spend all that time looking down on that little screen, plucking along and your neck will start to hurt. I mean it's not a game that you want to go rocking out with like the original Guitar Hero game. It's better just to sit down and play or you will miss a few notes here and there.
I do not understand what all the complaining abot the setlist was about, I mean I thought everything was just about perfect, it's my kind of music. Although, you shall not find it difficult to beat the game from start to end. Give yourself 10-15 hours and you'll be set.
Although you will beat the game, the replay value is just about the best you can find on the DS, I would rank it right up there around Mario Kart type. You will constantly be playing songs over and over like I myself did.
The game is just another great solid addition to the popular series, and it's great to have with you if you ever wanna rock out in public. You will find the graphics very neatly done, the value is some of the best, you can't go wrong with $50 for a game like this one.