A nice improvment that could have used some fine tuning.

User Rating: 7 | Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades DS
When Guitar Hero On Tour came out and I had puchesed it, I beat it and then got bored. It didn't have that feeling that the other GH gaames have. I thought that this would be the case for Decades and thankfully im wrong. GH OT Decades is the 2nd installment on the DSwith some improvments. They have now gotten songs from Modern, 2000's, 90's, 80's, and 70's. That way theres something for everyone. It also includes hits like "Dirty Little Secret","One Step Closer", I Can't Drive 55", and "Sweet Home Alabama" just to name a few. The carrer has now been spilt into 3 diffrent gameplay options."Lead Guitar", "Base Guitar", and "Guitar Duels" This wasn't really necessary but it was a nice touch.

Decades may be good, but it isnt flawless. The charictar styles and animations are still the same. Another thing is that the guitar grip still is uncomfertable. Other then that, Decades is a good game.

-New Setlist with songs for everyone
-More Charictars
-New Venues
-More Features
-Song Sharing feature is cool

-A little to easy
-Guitar Grip Still hurts
-No Wi-Fi
_Still feels like On Tour

OVERALL: 7.5/10