Must admit its good!

User Rating: 9 | Guitar Hero: Metallica PS3
I really have to say that this has to be one of the best GH to date. The graphics were pretty good, but I think they could have maybe done a little better on the stages. After awhile the stages really start to get boring. The playlist on the other hand was totally awsome! I was very happy to see one particular song on the game, and that was Am I Evil by Diamond Head. I understand that this is an older song but the audio on it was abit low. The other thing I really really enjoyed was the Zombie Kirk, I was totally taken by this character, I absoluty loved it! Also creating your own tracks was by far the greatest thing I got to do on this game, plus this feature allowed me and my "band members" to come together and record what we thought was a great song.

But in the end I have had an excellent time playing this game. Can't wait to see whats coming out next.