This game will amaze guitar hero and metallica fans alike.

User Rating: 8 | Guitar Hero: Metallica X360
Let me just start by saying that Guitar Hero Metallica is one of the best Music/Rhythm games that I have ever played. It has a great setlist, good graphics, and awesome gamplay as well as a lot of improvements. It has about 50 songs 30 by Metallica and about 20 from guest artists including: System of a Down, Mastodon, Machine Head, and many more. It has a new drum mode called "Expert Plus" and allows 2 pedals for double bass which will give many drummers a good challenge. This Guitar Hero is not the easiest but it is fun. The "Purple Hammer Ons/ Pull Offs" are alot easier to hit in this game then in Guitar Hero World Tour and the solos are alot easier by making this possible. So overall, if you like Guitar Hero and your a Metallica fan or even a Metal fan buying this game should be a no brainer!