you've probably played the Metallica songs in that section and have no interest playing Motorhead or Slayer

User Rating: 8.5 | Guitar Hero: Metallica X360
Hello, I'm Gary Mc. I'm a reviewer and trying to be cool at the same time, so i'll add humerous puns or cliches to my reviews to spice things up and keep you reading, I'll also tell you how much I love or hate a game. And if it's Alone In The Dark, I'll shed a fustrating tear or two. I'm here to write my first review for Gamespot and i'll try and make it good! So, how about something I play frequently enough to be called "sado" and enough to build up my multi-coloured reflexes. Of Course I'm talking about, Guitar Hero: Metallica, a spin off game from the Guitar Hero Franchise.

Okay, so In GH: Metallica, you're in a band (DUH) called 'Tallica .Jr and they see that Metallica needs an opening act for there shows. So they rehearse for a proper Guitar Player... Which is gonna be you (If you picked the Guitar as your career choice) From here on your really just play songs until the next cutscene. Of course the next cutscene is available whenever you reach a certain amount of stars from your performances but it really doesn't feel that way, it's kinda like, PLAY....... EXIT..... PLAY.... EXIT... Oh! New songs. ...PLAY and so on. There's no real thrill in what your doing quite like the other Guitar Heroes, The Career seems rushed and uncomplete. Another complaint I have about it is the amount of songs you unlock when you reach your star limit. You always unlock about 7 songs, but to get to the next stage you only need 15-20 stars which is only 3-4 songs. Leaving the others to be left behind and mostly because it's GH: Metallica, you've probably played the Metallica songs in that section and have no interest playing Motorhead or Slayer.

So now thats the Career outta the way, lets talk about game improvments. Well, there really isn't that much. The game adds Expert+ which is for those diehard GH fans that can actually hit the orange fret on the guitar controller and also supports a second Bass pedal for those who wanna rock like Lars Ulrich. Bass Guitar is always as boring as ever (Except on Suicide & Redemption, Death Magnetic DLC) Drums are by far the most entertaining colorful instrument. A thing that always got me a bit tired was the fact that the game can never decide if your playing Lead or Rhythm Guitars because throughout each song you'll play James Hetfields Rhythm but always kinda switch to Kirks' little solos' which is a little distracting. I can see why they did it but I would have preffered in the game if we got to choose between Rhythm and Lead because frankly, I enjoy playing Rhythm.

Track listing is really impressive and is definatly the most hardcore game in the Guitar Hero Franchise as it features Slayer, Motorhead, Suicidal Tendancies (who the hell are they?) and over 40 other guest acts... Am I the only one who doesn't want 40 guest acts? Lets face it. Every Metallica Album has been epic even if you didn't agree with there Punk/Rock/Metal/Thrash/Mosh switches. I would have loved to play things like Astronomy, St. Anger, Some Kind Of Monster, Unforgiven II, House Jack Built and well, every track on the S&M Album. But unfortunatly Metallicas epic tracks have been shoved aside for "songs that inspired them" ....Screw that, I want more Met, NOW!

Although I see the flaws in the game. I still love it all and the extras are something that I really miss from most games, Taking me back to when I used to watch all the extra videos on how the game was made it was great to watch Metallica Motion Capture all there real rocking out during Master Of Puppets and Seek And Destroy. There's also bootleg videos of the band playing in some venues. I don't know what the purpose is but I still loved to watch them.

Once Again, I do love this game and since I bought the OVERPRICED Death Magentic DLC i'm also pretty devoted. I loved it even though I'm playing on Medium and I'll definatly play again, and It's DEFINATLY the best Guitar Hero Game so far... Lets see if they can top it, huh?