Just for metallica fans

User Rating: 8.5 | Guitar Hero: Metallica PS2
I'm a great fan of metallica, so if it was just because of that, i'd give this game a 15/10 because i love the songs and everything this band has to offer.

Sadly, the songs aren't all, the gameplay and graphics and the fun you have with the game also counts. That's why i gave this game 8.5/10. Because if you have played the last guitar hero games, this one is the exact same thing, just that it has metallica music in it. And there's also a new mode called expert + that you can only use with the drums and it works when you have another bass pedal so that you can use two bass pedals instead of one to play just like lars (the drummer) plays in the real life.

Another thing that i saw is that the game has the lyrics of the song so you can read them while hearing the song and learn them, but that isn't really useful because after all you can search the lyrics on internet.

The graphics look decent, not bad, but not the best either. Just the crowd, they look amazing, is like they made motion-capture to the crowd of one of their concerts in real life.

The rest remains the same, so if you happen to be a guitar hero fan and a metallica fan, give this game a chance right away. If you aren't a big metallica fan just know that the game offers the same as the other guitar hero's, so you won't find much difference in here.