The Best Guitar Hero Game ever.

User Rating: 9 | Guitar Hero: Metallica X360

Guitar Hero Metallica for me is pure fan service at it's finest. This hands down has to be my favorite music game ever. As a hardcore Metallica fan I must say this game got everything down nearly flawlessly. The feel and presentation of Metallica was nearly perfect. Although it is a shame that former bassist Cliff Burton who died in 1986 in a bus crash or Jason Newsted who left Metallica in 2001 for personal issues aren't included in the game. Still what you get for the game is really awesome. Also a few of my favorite songs such as Ride the Lightning and The Four Horsemen aren't included in the game due to copyright from former guitarist Dave Mustaine who was the writer of those songs and is part of the band Megadeth. A minor nitpick but the rest of the soundtrack is amazing. The Guitar Hero gameplay fits flawlessly for this game as all the songs go by so well. Masterpieces like Enter Sandman, Master of Puppets, One, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Orion and so much more. The band members all have awesome Motion capture, As Lars, James, Kirk and Rob look sick in the game. It's an awesome cartoon style that keeps the Metallica feeling open. Also a few guests bands like Slayer, Alice in Chains, Judas Priest, System of A Down, Queen and so much also provide an extra song to fit in the game. It's all really awesome overall that Metallica picked a few bands to perform for there awesome game. Also extra content like videos, interviews and songs are also provided in the game as well. The multiplayer is also awesome with Song Battle and Co-Op to keep the game going awesome. It provides a lot of replay value for your friends to keep going on with the game. Also since you can use the Drums, Mic, Bass and Guitar it really makes the game even more awesome when friends are around. Overall Guitar Hero Metallica is fan service at it's finest. Asides from a few Nitpicks like No Jason and Cliff and a few songs being removed due to copyright. For Metallica fans this a must own game and it has to be the best Guitar Hero game ever made.