Best song list in series history.

User Rating: 9 | Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock X360
Guitar Hero III is in many ways just an update for Guitar Hero II, but it's still a very good update.

For once there's a story in Guitar Hero's Career Mode. You play as a young guitarist who joins a small band. In time you get bigger gigs and in the end you are playing against the Devil himself. Story is told through funny cutscenes and it's nice to have a story, although it still is a very thin one.

Graphics are the best in series history, but still in essence this game looks the same as the first one did. Luckily the frame rate stays solid all the time, which is very important in a game like this. Music is in bright stereo and now most of the songs are from their original performers. No complaints here.

Gameplay is what it has always been, but now you have a little better wireless guitar controller. You play songs in Career mode and unlock more songs as you progress. Song list is the best in series history and there's more to unlock by buying them from Xbox Live Marketplace. Songs are mainly hard rock or heavy metal, so if you're not into that kind of music then this game might disappoint you.

Difficulty is vamped up even higher than in previous games, which means that in Hard mode you may face a giant wall of challenge even in the first song. This also means that it's very rewarding to make it the other side.

Multiplayer is fun consisting of co-op Career and a few modes of competitive playing. It works although usually your opponents are insanely skilled.

Together with multiple difficulty settings, downloadable content and online multiplayer Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock will keep you rocking for a long time. Rock Band is maybe coming, but this is the definite Guitar Hero experience.