NOO! NOT TTFATF ON EXPERT! (Spoiler alert!)

User Rating: 8.5 | Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock WII

Story : You find a ad in a newspaper saying "Guitarists wanted." You organize a concert in your own backyard. After that, a guy gives you a pass to Mitch's Moose Lounge. Lou (The main antagonist, but that's not explained until the 8th tier) has you sign a contract. You now go to tier 3 (Video Shoot.) Lou shows you a video on Fret Vids (Which is presumably the performance of tier 3.)

You now unlock tier 4, called European Invasion. A poster saying "Have They Sold Out?" appears. A prisoner writes to them asking for a concert in their own prison. This unlocks Bighouse Blues. After that you have Desert Rock Tour. (I know, I must be boring you with the story.) Then you have Live in Japan. And then Lou explains a Celebrity Has-Been Dance Off. The singer yells at Lou saying to can it. Lou then shows you the contract. At the bottom is,

"Your Soul Is Mine."

You fall into hell and face Lou in a guitar battle. If you win, you get a shiny fiddle made of gold (Or in this case, guitar, according to the song played while facing Lou). If you lose, he gets your soul. You apparently win and he gets tossed into a lava pit.

half a point off, since it isn't exactly explained all that well.

Gameplay : It's the same "Mash the hell out of buttons" thing. It doesn't bring much new to the game. 1 point off, since it's the same as always.

Sound : Good. Obviously I can't rate the songs since there are too many and it's a mixed bag in my opinion. No points off.

Difficulty : Well, this part will be humorous.

Easy : I can beat TTFATF on FC! YAY!

Medium : Challenges, but it's nothing I can't handle.

Hard : Grrr...pretty hard...


TTFATF on Expert : *Head explodes*

No points off since there are 4 difficulties.

Overall : Buy it, if you wanna waste some time. If your not really into rhythm games, just rent it, and buy it if you like it.

Rating : 8.5

Rank : Great!