Guitar Hero III isn't just a great music/rhythm game it's simply one of the best.

User Rating: 8 | Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock X360
Guitar Hero III is a great game with good songs, great game mechanics, and addictive multiplayer. The game contains over 70 songs ranging from soft rock to heavy metal. It's gameplay and graphics are far above any of the previous guitar heroes. The difficulty of this game ranges from person to person (I myself completed it on expert with ease after a few hours of play.) There are many new characters in this game including slash from guns n roses and tom morello from rage against the machine. There are a couple of "boss battles" in the game that involve using powerups to defeat the opposing guitar icons. This guitar hero also includes online play with a few game modes like: face off, pro face off, co-op, and battle mode (the same mode used for the boss battles.) So overall if you enjoyed the old guitar heroes or if your just curious about the series in general Guitar Hero III is the perfect game for you to play!