The Return of the Shred

User Rating: 7.5 | Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock X360
Since the launch of Guitar Hero for the PS2 the Harmonix bunch have raised the status bar of rithym games to a whole new level, and GH2 for the PS2 and X360 confirmed the Harmonix formula: Great Tracks+Simple yet addictive gameplay= Game Fans 6 satisfaction guarenteed.

But the Harmonix/Red Octane Marriage came to an end when MTV Acquired Harmonix letting the License of GH in the hands of Neversoft (mostly know by their work on the Tony Hawk's series) and it shows that some elements are pure Neversoft style (the comic animations, and the nothin' special Boss battles) and others are Harmonix classical (the aoutstanding gameplay), however GH3 has the most complete and outsatanding soundtrack ever released in a GH game, and the best of all a lot of the tracks are the original from the creators (seriously playing Metallica's One is a great thing).

The game's dificulty is quite ridiculous on expert and just plain harder on the Hard settings tahn previous installments, many experienced players will find challeging songs on these dificulties witch turns a terrible learning gap to the newcomers even on medium or easy.

There are a lot of things that can be improved on GH3, but there's one thing that should be removed from any GH to come, and that's the terrible AD rain in the venues, witch in really made the game lack in polish if we compared the last GH to this one.

Graphically we could't ask for a real next gen game in this department because we wont be seeing the background animation when we are shredding our axe, the only department that matters (in my personal opinion) in this kind of genre is the sound desing, witch is just impressive.

In an overall we can say that GH3 could be the best of the series just because of the setlist but once again, it's not quite there, because in other departments you feel that is just not the same game we all love, it has some improvements and it has some serious flaws.