The first Guitar Hero I have ever played and it was awesome.

User Rating: 8 | Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock WII
I never played the first 2 Guitar Hero games because I did not have a PlayStation 2 so this was the first Guitar Hero game I
had ever played and it was great it's probably the best game of the series not counting the first 2 because I have never
played them.

Well lets start out with the good things first off the song list, it's not the best song list I've ever seen but they have picked a pretty good amount of songs and there might of been songs that I didn't like however they were good song choices because they were really fun to play. I had a love and hate relationship with the difficulty it was great to the extent that it kept you playing and practicing but the bad thing about it is to most people this is probably the first Guitar Hero they ever played because the first two were only on the PlayStation 2, while a lot of people had this console others did not and the first guitar hero game to come out on all console was this one so that would mean most likely that this is the first Guitar Hero game the majority of people had so why put the difficulty so high sure you start out on easy and work your way up to expert but there were such big jumps in difficulty. While I did end up beating them all the only really flaw I could find in this game is this why couldn't they have made this game a little more easier and then once they went on in the series continue to make it more harder other then that though this is a really fun game, like I said a good song list and the story mode is actually very fun you can battle Tom Morello, Slash, and Lou I thought the songs and battle were really fun and I liked the addition to playing your friend in a battle. If you never have played Guitar Hero before and you want too I probably would not get this game because of the difficulty but for any of you looking for a challenge this is the game to get

the song list is pretty good for the first time there are actually a lot of the master tracks then there are covers while I
wouldn't say this is the best song list for Guitar Hero, the charting for the songs may be the best in the series, pretty
much every song they picked is enjoyable to play because they aren't three chords over and over again like in their next installment World Tour but I will talk about that when I get to that review. In my opinion this may be the hardest guitar
hero also may be the best one in my opinion.

There's not really any flaws with this game that had standed out to me, just a really fun game, and I think any Guitar Hero fan should have this game and anyone else that may be new to Guitar Hero this is a good one however it may be a little hard
for a newcomer but if you want to have some fun on the Guitar Hero series this is one of them you should get.