Guitar Hero III is a memorable addition to the series.

User Rating: 8.5 | Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock WII
Guitar Hero III is the latest addition to the Guitar Hero franchise, and is the first next-gen Guitar Hero game, with the exception of the Playstation 2 version. Guitar Hero III on the Wii is a very good Guitar Hero, and is definitely better than the 2 PS2 Guitar Heroes before it. It features what which is in my opinion the best tracklist of all the Guitar Hero games, and the Les Paul controller is better than ever. The game has a very clean look to it, with the exception of a few very rare glitchy textures. The next-gen versions of Guitar Hero also feature online play, which has never been featured to a full extent before as it is now in GHIII.
Among all these new features, Guitar Hero III has some very minor problems, which some may actually enjoy. For one thing, this game is much harder than any Guitar Hero game before it, with the Dragonforce song "Through The Fire And Flames", which is extremely crazy. It would be easier to come to this game after playing the first two installments then beginning with this game in its high difficulty. Another setback for the Wii version is the lack of downloadable content due to the Wii's lack of a hard drive. This isn't very big of a problem, but is sometimes pretty dissapointing.
Overall, Guitar Hero III for the Wii is a very strong game, and a must-have for any wannabe rocker.