This Guitar Hero is the absolute winner. It is the best around, nothing will ever bring it down.

User Rating: 9 | Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock WII
Guitar Hero III offers many things. The gameplay is the same for each song; play the corresponding color when it touches the circle. But the gameplay can offer a challenge when you have the choices between Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. When this game came out, I could remember hearing about all my friends practicing Expert chords and songs. They practiced this game! This game brought the most dedicated gamers to their knees. The song list is also fantastic and brought some old gamers to the table. My dad started to play to get perfects on the songs. Slow Ride introduced the game greatly. The famous guitar battles are in mind. You face against Slash, Lou, and Tom Morello. The graphics aren't great, but they aren't supposed to be because your playing for the music of rock! Activision you started my Wii experience.