Great game, great successor to Guitar Hero, but not very addictive.

User Rating: 7.8 | Guitar Hero II PS2
The game first caught on to me whenever I was at my friends house and i saw it and I asked if I could play it. I admit, I always thought this game was for the people that were too lazy to try to play the guitar. Actually, I learned it was the other way around. The game is for anyone, including actual guitarists. The only problem with this game is I got very bored playing it. I didn't play the original one, but I did this one, and it's a great game, just not enough depth or not enough to keep me playing it 100+ hours. They should've made each individual level a little bit longer, so it's not beat in one night. They also needed to make the jump of difficulty a LOT shorter between difficulties. They make it so that you MUST practice hours and hours before you make the move from medium to hard, and especially from hard to expert, I would assume. I didn't have the energy or time to practice being a virtual guitar god. I definately have more important things to do. I realized practice mode was not on the original, and without that, I don't know how many times I would've failed a song. I would've had to treat playing the concerts as a practice mode. The practice mode is definately more practical. An all-around good game. Definately different, more expensive. They needed to tweak a couple things, though. Will be interesting to see what they change if they make a third.