It's like Guitar hero 2 filled with terrible 80's cliches and jokes

User Rating: 8 | Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s PS2
Well, this is it the last Harmonix guitar hero what a bad way to go out on


It has literally everything recycled from guitar hero 2 (no really everything menus, loading screens just about every aspects the exact same) its at the point where you can't even tell what game your playing sometimes. This is great cause Guitar hero 2 was actually a good game

The tracklist has the most masters found in these types of games with the unbelevable number of...4. But they chose these master tracks wisely like Because it's Midnite from fictional hair metal band Limozeen from homestar runner, which has the HARDEST solo I've ever played, that's saying alot cause I got through Free Bird sight read, but use star power on it and i'll be fine.

The tracklist, most of these songs are really obsure from bands I've never even heard of really until this game, and these are incredibly bland to play like no solos at all which is surprising cause this is GUITAR hero.

Also there's only 30 of them this doesn't bother me as much cause I paid like 12 bucks for it but it might for some who buy this for the whole 50 bucks cause honestly it's not worth anything near that now you could get Rock band 2 for the same price.

Everything is stripped down, there's only six characters and venues with one missing, there's no changeable outfits and the characters wear terrible cliched outfits supposidly 80's like death is wearing a friggin flavour flav clock and 3-D glasses that has nothing to do the 80's and they could have done something more original with the characters

Overall this is still guitar hero and for everyone who wants songs for the out dated nostolgic purposes this is pretty good and deespite all those flaws it's still a great game for anything under 15 bucks