Guitar Hero has another good game; with one of my favorite rock bands.

User Rating: 9 | Guitar Hero: Aerosmith WII
Steven Tyler and his band form the storyline with the same band from Guitar Hero III.

Awesome graphics; with a hint of a little High Definition. Characters models look great. Even the level layouts once again is awesome.

Game play:
Feels much like the same as Guitar Hero III, but even that does not bother me; it's cool. It's also addicting like it's predecessor, it'll keep you entertained throughout the game.

Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, and Orange buttons for pressing the notes. Also, Plus button or waving the guitar controller to the side for STAR POWER.

Music and Sound:
Tons of songs from the original artists will keep you entertained throughout the whole game. Characters, once again don't talk, they just make sounds or grunts.

Lasting Appeal:
It's a good follow-up to Guitar Hero III. 9 out of 10.