Well I'm not new to the Guitar Hero series, but Guitar Hero 5 is the best in the series! Definitely a must have

User Rating: 8.5 | Guitar Hero 5 X360
Guitar Hero 5 is great on so many levels, from the great playlist to online battles! In the new Guitar Hero players can complete career with friends online, which means you don't have to invite friends to come over and play in your living room. The money in the game is now replaced by stars, if you perfect a song you can now get a lovely bunch of 6 gold stars. What is brand new to the game is challenges set per song, there's band challenges, guitar challenges, bass challenges, vocal and drum challenges. You don't have to be a great drummer or be the new Travis Barker, as you can meet with great drummers online to help you through your career! There is still quickplay and same battle modes on previous Guitar Hero games, also a few new online game modes to check out - such as, 'Momentum', where the difficulty on a song starts at Medium and then goes up a difficulty for a certain note streak which is obtained. 'Streakers', the higher your note streak the higher you score to beat the opponent. Other modes are, Perfectionist, Do or Die, Elimination. Guitar Hero 5 have famous musicians like in all their other games but this time there's such big stars like, Kurt Cobain, Shirley Manson, Carlos Santana and Matthew Bellamy. There are a tonne of great songs, 85 to be precise by 83 artists, so you're sure to have a bunch of favourites. Over all, this game is superb, best in the series.