I expected it but not very good T.T

User Rating: 6 | Guitar Hero 5 X360
I think it could give a little more than he has I thought it was boring and silly songs I only like 4 and the others are just silly and enhanced graphics and to play with your avatar on online also but that is very castroso and 2 can be together istrumentos seemed very silly my grade is 6.6 does not provide for more

I found the hidden characters and fabulous clothes like the ecenarios a little silly and the vercion of 360 I feel a little slow the game the best song of the game is in my places of coldplay, garbage, nirvana, muse, the killers ( the song but boring and silly of all) the downloadable material is something I like and identical for all metallica guitar hero is a level of expert + on guitar and drums, but guitar hero 5 will not put it on and the free play is boring deveria give star points and not