Much more to do than all the other Guitar/Rock Band games.

User Rating: 9 | Guitar Hero 5 PS3
Well, what can I say? I am going to be hooked on this for a while now.

More songs than the previous Guitar Hero games, much better graphics, and there are also new challenges! For songs, you can get up to 9 stars now, that is if you full combo the song, and complete the hardest challenge for that song.

Challenges can be done in the career mode. Every song has a certain challenge, that has to be done with a particular instrument, or with a band. For example, hit a 400 note streak (hardest challenge).

As for song choices, I do not have many complaints. There are the easy songs, and impossible songs, like Through The Fire And Flames on Guitar Hero 3. Scatterbrain by Jeff Beck is probably one of the hardest songs ever on Guitar and Drums!

The disappointing part of Guitar Hero 5 is the online mode. I couldn't find it after searching for it for 20 minutes! It isn't well structured, and not many come online to play.

However, if your into Guitar Hero or Rock Band, you must get this.