oh my god. this game is........ SPECTACULARLY AMAZINGFUL!!!

User Rating: 8.5 | Guitar Hero 5 (Guitar Bundle) WII
thank you for choosing to read my review!!! i appreciate it very much!!!

now, every time i get the newest guitar hero game, they just seem to be better than the one that came before it. guitar hero 5 didn't really look good compared to the previous guitar hero game at first, and wasn't all that great when i first picked it up and played it, but once i got deeper into the game, i finally realized that this game was (and still is) a masterpiece. there was just something about it that made it more different that the other guitar hero games. i don't know exactly what it is, but i know that there is something that i haven't noticed in the previous gh games.

well, here's the worst thing in this whole game: the story. it's kinda bad and sort of non-existent throughout the whole career mode, but if you play the career mode and get to the end, you will realize that there really is a story. but, for the people that don't own or have not played this game before, and for the people who do have this game and never knew there was a story, it goes like this: there's a devil and the God of Rock sitting in the same room together, talking about stuff and the devil knew about a great band that should be in the Rock 'n Roll hall of fame. he tells the God about the band and wants to see if he will put them in that hall of fame. when you finish the game, the God will tell the devil what he thinks and whether or not they will be hall of fame people. seriously, that is one of the worst stories i have ever seen in a game.

the graphics in this game are amazing. they are the best graphics i have ever seen in any guitar hero game, and in any wii game for that matter. like, the graphics don't even look like they came from a wii game!! they look like they came from an xbox 360 or playstation 3 game (that is a good thing)!!! the graphics are so good that they almost look real. but, there are a few graphical problems. like, if you make a female rocker in the create-a-rock star mode, their back will come up invisible and you could see through their back, which is kinda weird. also, some people in this game look UUUUGGGGLLLLYYYY!!!! for example, there's this one person you can play as in the game named Axl Steel, and if you can get a close-up to his face, you will see that his face is all messed up. and there's this other person you can play as in the game who is butt ugly. his name is Izzy Sparks. in the game, he looks like a woman with a long, pointy nose, a butt chin and frizzy hair. try imagining what that looks like. yeah, that sounds hideous, doesn't it? OK THIS PARAGRAPH IS GETTING TOO LONG, MUST STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS.

the controls are perfect!!! that is all i can say about the controls.

the gameplay is, without a doubt, the best i've ever seen in a guitar hero game. ever. like, in this game, there are double and triple hammer-ons,which are 2 or 3 specific notes that you have to tap all at the same time without having to strum on the guitar. in the previous guitar hero games, there were only single hammer-ons. and i've been waiting for those double and triple hammer-ons for quite a while now, and we finally got them! that stuff automatically made the gameplay better. besides those double and triple hammer-ons, the gameplay is kinda the same as the other guitar hero games. i hope that next, they add an expert plus mode for the guitar and bass where you have to use a special guitar with six buttons. that would be madd awesome, and it would be a nice and big step forward for the series, but i have a feeling they won't do it :( . really, the only thing bad about the gameplay is that it often lags, and you would have to calibrate the lag a lot.

another good thing in the game is the new party play mode. the party play mode lets up to 4 people play at the same time (before you say "that's the same thing as the multiplayer in the previous games", just keep reading. there's more to it). BUT, it's differen't from the normal multiplayer because party play lets up to 4 people play the same instrument. like, there could be 4 drummers, or 4 guitarists, or 4 singers, or 3 singers, or... eh, you get the point. also, when someone wants to quit in party play, they can quit without having to make everyone restart, and anyone can join party play with the other people at any time without restarting or anything.

now, let me tell you a little bit about that song list. like, a few of the songs, like "Do You Feel Like We Do?" by Peter Frampton and "Done With Everything, Die For nothing" by Children of Bodom, are EXTREMELY HARD!!!!! like, if you ever played those songs on expert, your fingers would probably feel like they gon fall off. then, there are some very easy songs like "They Say" by Scars On Broadway, or "All Along the Watch Tower" by Bob Dylan. there's also a nice mix of rap and hip hop songs that got in this game, which in my opinion should have been in dj hero instead. i don't mind seeing a few rap songs in this game, i just think that guitar hero was supposed to be made for rock, metal, screamo, and industrial stuff. i don't even mind that that old country song "Ring Of Fire" by Johnny Cash being put in, even though i hate that song with all the hate in my entire mind. also, there was a song put in this game that i have been waiting to finally see it in a guitar hero game. the song is "Sultans Of Swing" by the Dire Straits. i was so happy to see that that song was finally put in the game!!! also, in my opinion (you don't really have to read this sentence btw), most of the songs are good, and even fun to play even if the song is bad or way too easy. well, that's all i got to say about that song list.

the story gets a 3/10. ouch.
the graphics get a 9.9/10!
the gameplay gets a 9.7/10
the controls gets a 10/10!! yay!!
the song list, even if it has quite a few boring songs, SO deserves a 10/10!!!!
the new multiplayer stuff is awesome, including that party play mode. that's definitely a 10/10
THE FINAL SCORE IS A 8.76 out of 10!!!! awesome!!!

so, if you still want this game and you still do not own it, then what are you waiting for?! go out and get it now!!!! you'll be happy that you did!!! please rate this review!! i'd appreciate it very much if you did!