Awful pants!

User Rating: 1 | Guitar Hero 5 AND
Utter rubbish game not really up to standard, cashing in on the guitar hero games. Alot of these android games are like that. Read a few reviews before you part with ya cash. Don't waste your money. There are 100's of free games that are much much better than this!
Ok for 30 seconds just tapping the screen in time to the annoyingly awful tune. I dint even have the patience to even see it through to the end of the song. It was that dire! At a push with a gun to my head I'd say its a nice try but that's all, it just don't work. You'll only regret you ever wasted ya time downloading this poop! I gave it a 1 and was disappointed the score meter wouldn't let me go lower. I think I was being generous with that to. Oh and don't bother with GH6 for android either that's just same s**t different name!