Probably the best song title selection since GH3

User Rating: 9 | Guitar Hero 5 X360
The song selection on this game is awesome, I have been waiting for Song 2 and Du Hast to get added for a while! I am excited for what GH6 has in store later on this year with Fury of the Storm my favorite Dragonforce song.

This is a great multiplayer game and has a lot to offer, much the same as all of the other GH games. We have finally found neighbors who enjoy playing GH and RB so we have had them over and played this and the other guitar/band games we have. It has been great playing this game and I enjoy how this game allows you to play more than 1 of the same instruments at the same time i.e. 2 guitars at the same time.

The game has a lot to offer and a lot of great songs. The way it keeps track of the stars is great you can track it throughout the game and that it shows how close you are to getting to the 5th star is great.

I would recommend this game to everyone, tho many people are bigger RockBand fans than being GH fans.