6.9/10 i never thought that they could make it worse then world tour

User Rating: 7 | Guitar Hero 5 PS3
guitar hero has been having sales problems ever since world tour, and the reason for that problem is bad playlist. just like many other people, i watched E3 and watched the rep for guitar hero promise that guitar hero 5's playlist would be more than epic and not mediocre like metallica and worldtour. well.....they made it worse, i prefer world tour over this 1. just like world tour they get big bands, but theres one fricken problem.....THEY DONT PLAY ANY OF THEIR KNOWN SONGS. if you get a good band atleast play good songs by them instead of songs that are probly at the bottom of the playlist for their records. the graphice are pretty much the same, i did like that they finnally featured smells like teen spirit by nirvana. bottom line, if you have the band already from world tour then it might be a little worth it to buy it, but if you under no circumstances should you pay the 250 dollar asking price.