Guise of the Wolf Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Complete the game without falling or being killed. Achiever
    Unlock a normal sized wooden barrier without transformation. Barrier Breaker
    Collect 230 Gold. Coin Collector
    Complete the stone beacons task. Destroyer
    Run and hide from the werewolf. Escaper
    Solve the card puzzle. Excellent Memory
    Collect an optional item. Explorer
    Find and read a book about your curse. Good Reader
    Complete the game with less than 12 transformations. Human
    Learn how to use the werewolf form. I am a werewolf...
    Discover the reason for your invitation. Investigator
    Unlock all chests. Lock-picking Artist
    Rob all pockets. Master Thief
    Unlock the bad ending. Path of Darkness
    Unlock the good ending. Path of Freedom
    Realize your new identity. Realization
    Senior Alchemist
    Survive the werewolf attack. Survivor
    Kill more than 10 humans. Wild Beast

    Contributed by: Guard Master