Guilty Gear X2 Reload is one of the best fighters for PC -and at a bargain.

User Rating: 9.5 | Guilty Gear XX #Reload PC
The Guilty Gear series has been quietly making a name for itself since the golden days of the PS1 (5th gen). While Capcom's Street Fighters and Capcom mash-ups and the Mortal Kombat series have reaped the benifits of establishing themselves in the early 1990s, the GG series has managed to remain successful despite existing somewhat in their shadow.

Many a PC gamer has cried foul at the reality of so few quality fighting games making their way to the PC. This is partly due to the neglegence of devs and publishers, but also due to many PC gamers themselves scoffing at anything that relies on controls outside of mouse & keyboard. For first person and third person action games, mouse & keyboard are rather appropriate. But for 2D platformers and fighting games in particular, the PC gamers' superiority complex needs to be checked at the door. If you want good fighting games on the PC platform, you need to break down, get a USB gamepad and get comfy with the control standards of the console gamers you've often turned up your nose at. Between PC gamers and developers a middle ground must be reached. Enter: Guilty Gear X2 Reload for PC.

Like its predeccessors, GGX2R features:
*Anime styled graphics
*Over the top Rock & Roll aesthetic
*4 button layout = punch, kick, slash and high slash
*Rock guitar soundtrack
*A very bizarre cast of characters with equally bizarre backstories
*Quick, intuitive and addictive gameplay
*Story, Arcade, M.O.M and Versus game modes

*Controls automatically map to most USB gamepads
*Runs on Windows XP, Vista and 7. Even runs well on Linux according to some GOG users who've tested GGX2R on Ubuntu
*LOW system rquirements: 700MHz CPU, 512MB RAM, 32MB graphics card (a freaking netbook can run GGX2R)
*Cheap at only $6! (GOG)
*Good in single and multiplayer with some pretty cool unlockables
*Damn fun fighting game!

*Doesn't work well with mouse & keyboard...if at all. But given that GGX2R is a freaking fighting game, why the Hell would you use mouse & keyboard to begin with?
*As of this review, there's only a downloadable version of GGX2R. And GOG's the only site carrying it as of this review. But don't worry, they don't DRM the Hell outta everything like Steam does.

All-in-all, GGX2R is $6 (US dollars) well spent!