game artwork is very good love to play online

User Rating: 8 | Guilty Gear XX #Reload PC
about the game ggx is hell yeah...........
most addictive once started . want to beat every single tough player... nice graphics animation motion designing and above all do not need a high end device to run . great way to define arcade tracks are also fine and each characters are perfectly designed their attacks defenses tension super moves .. its not like you cant beat a specific character by choosing player whose moves you do not know ,only thing which disappoint me is that characters are less in numbers i love to see more action figures . yes arc system have good designers and they tried to release ggx in 3d overture but it rocks in 2d all they have to do is to bring more wild actions in characters move and develop new cool one .. battle opera is a big arcade event and its an honor for ggx to get select in that event . i do not why they organize such events in japan only why not in other countries to see more competitions