Love this game...that is all.

User Rating: 10 | Guilty Gear X2 #Reload PS2
Guilty Gear Double XX# reload. Is a excellent game from cut scences to mastering roman cancel to dust combos. The game is just overall fun for all of the street fighter and old school 2-D graphic classical players out there this has a bit of the old and the new. With a tremendous story and deep character interaction and emotion. The flow of the game is smooth. I have spent countless hours in front of my T.V stuck to the screen of this game, replaying through character storylines finding all of the possible endings. The only real problems that some people have expressed to me is that it looks choppy and the roman cancel (( mostly the false seems to prove the most diffcult of all.))

Well the story seems to rotate around Sol-Badguy the main character of the story. An aloof bounty hunter who is known for slaying gears. He along with most of the cast from guilty gear such as Anji, Baiken are looking for someone known as "That Man" , This game shows that you really cannot judge a book by it's cover.