Guilty Gear is now my offical favorite Arcade fighting game serie!

User Rating: 10 | Guilty Gear XX #Reload XBOX
Guilty Gear (GG) X2 #Reload is a arcade fighting game veryyy awesome!You have a lot of Characters very original in the design and the combo attack.You have special attack using energy in your "tension board" to deal more damage on your opponent and if you press the 4 button of your controller,your character in a kind of rage mode and you can do a ultimate attack killing your opponent in one shot!But the tension board dissapear after use this ultimate attack (Destroys attack).The music is just awesome,it's one of the thing I really loved in this game ^^.The story mode is ok,but it's not the best thing in the game.The multiplayer is very fun (xbox live too),play with friends ^^A good experience.Of course,if your not a fan of Guilty Gear,rent it first but me,I'm a BIG fan of Guilty Gear ^^ so I try to buy it,but it's a hard game to found in a videos games shop (Well,for me)

So this game isn't the game of the year of course,but it's pretty fun play this game if you love ARC fighting game.