the perfect Formula to create a game thats fast and enjoyable

User Rating: 10 | Guilty Gear XX #Reload XBOX
on its release i headed to my regular shop and purchased this knowing that i was spending my money on a game that was worth every penny.

guilty gear is your basic 2D platform fighter, but is it ? i think not, have you played a game that makes you want to play faster and faster well this is one of them.

but if you can put that aside you will find that guilty gear X2 #reload follows the "guilty gear" trend. Its got a very good soundtrack which appeals more to the rock and metal crowd, an interesting story that mixes each character personal story into each other which can be confusing and fun at the same time. Guilty gear X2 #reload packs in loads of bonus material, xbox live enabled and a few extra game play modes.

if your looking for that fast action game you think has always been missing in your collection then this game is definitely for you.

fasten your seat belts because this is a good one