this game has every thing you would want to see in 2D fighting game........

User Rating: 9.3 | Guilty Gear XX #Reload PC
Guilty Gear is one of the best 2D Fighting games,its funny and enjoyable game, not complicated anyone can learn and master all the moves in short,you just need to practice on your Favorite character.

But what really make Guilty Gear XX one of the best IMO, is the graphics and the awesome Design of game characters and the nice selection of SoundTracks. Guilty Gear XX#Reload is the best Fighting game on PC In My Opinion and it shouldn't be missed even if your not a Fighting games fan.

The GamePlay:
the game is good and the speical moves are awesome and there is many modes in the game (arcade - M.O.M - Training - Survival - Story - Mission - VS mode).
the arcade mode :
just like any other fighting game, beat all your enemies and get the highest score.
the M.O.M mode :
in this mode you get high score by beating up your enemies and collecting emblems that your enemies drop it -what a weird mode-.
The training mode :
train and get used to the moves and every thing.
the Survival mode :
beat as much as possiable of your enemies and get higher level.
The Story mode :
well this is a cool thing, you can play as a character and fight against your rivals,and each character have 3 endings.
THe Mission mode :
this mode is like a test for your skill, there is 100 different missions,play this mode if you want to be a pro.

the game also contain many moves and spiecal moves ,and of course don't forget The instant Kill move or One-Hit-KO move.

Now about the graphics, Guilty Gear has the the best graphics for a 2D fighting game ..the design of the characters was done well even small details was taken care of.
the background design seems fine, overall the game graphics was great

the soundtrack(my Favorite part) : Guilty gear XX #Reload got a great selection of soundtracks(punk rock/heavy metal) like: holy orders - Still in the Dark - Write in pain.
also the characters private sound was nice.

overall this game is one of the best fighting games , worth playing.......i think Sammy have done a great job in this game.

Finally...i would like to say thanks to Sammy for releasing GG of PC. and i have some thing to say about the PC version...why they didn't make it able to play online,that would make the game better and more acceptable.