Guilty Gear on Wii!!!

User Rating: 8.5 | Guilty Gear XX Accent Core WII
This is game is a great 2d fighting game. It's crazy fun and it has cool, crazy characters. I like the style of art and gameplay. It has awesome music and some Japanese you won't understand unless you know it. There are some extras out in for you to get. A decent amount of modes to play. The controls for Wiimote and nunchuk might be uncomfortable though and no online play is disappointing.

9/10 Gameplay
It's very fun to play as all the characters. It's fast paced but not so fast. The moves are not so difficult but doing extreme combos will ge hard. There are some different move sets that have advantages and disadvantages.

9/10 Graphics
It's 2d, what's not to like? Character designs are very original and some look crazy. The animation for moves and characters are great.

9/10 Audio
I love the music. It fits well into the gameplay and makes you want to turn it all the way up. Japanese dub is ok, I can't understand anything they say. The sound effects are good.

8/10 Controls
The controls for Wiimote and nunchuk is not so good. If you have either a GC controller or a classic one, use those. I've been playing with the Wiimote and nunchuk and GC controller but the GC is better to use. The Wiimote and nunchuk didn't suit me so well.

8/10 Extras
There are some artworks you can unlock. It is satisfying to get it all through hard work. there's also the EX, gold, and black versions of characters you can unlock.

Overall: 8/10
It is an ideal 2d fighting game for Wii. Some extras here and there for you to get. You will either need a GC or classic controller for the game. There's just no online which is disappointing. If you like 2d fighting games, this is for you.