One of the best 2D fighting game on PSP

User Rating: 8 | Guilty Gear Judgment PSP
If you have a limited money and you are looking for the classic fighting game with a long story line. "Guilty Gear Judgment" can fulfill your desire.

"Guilty Gear Judgment" contains two games in a package: Fighting game and beat them up part.

Honestly, I am a fan of this game since it released on Ps1; the great feature of GG is rock music which never disappoints the gamers. The system is quilt similar to common 2D fighting but with the simple combos, challenges command of special move, tension gauge which increase by walk forward, nice character design and ability make it outstanding for other games in the same genre.

Street fighter zero has three different super combos to choose which is useless for the common player (I never change to original combos at all, no matter which character I choose), however they never represent the unique style of character (every character can select all of three fighting styles) but in GG never give a chance to the select which make gamer keep looking for the most power full role that suite his fighting style by playing every character not just choose the mode in one character.
King of fighter is the most many characters to player of the choice but the gamer never choose the favorite one because of a poor character design. However If you find the right one, it will make you disappoint on the next episode because nothing change at all but in GG has the less option with much better design which match the ability image which make the player wondering about the origin (such as DIZZY, a girl with a different wing)
The beat them up part is ok, but there are some move missing I guess.