Great buy, but Judgement is like attaching an anchor to your back and jumping into the sea.

User Rating: 9.5 | Guilty Gear Judgment PSP
This only my second review, and my first for fighting games, so bare with me.
O.K, so i was at my local EB and saw this, i've heard plenty of good things when it comes to the guilty gear fighting games so i bought it, i was pleasantly surprised.

Gameplay - I went for the 1-1 game first, i found the fact that they walked a little weird but i adjusted quickly, the control are [Vaguely] similar to Street Fighter, being that you slide from the down button to the right button or vice-versa. There are some combos though, that seem beyond humanly possible (i.e: hitting all buttons [P, K, S, HS] and the sliding down-right twice the hitting HS again). As for Judgement..Well i didn't bother, i was never into beat 'em ups.
9/10, due to the hard controls for some moves.

Graphics - The 2D sprites are beautifully animated and colorful, but they look very outdated, but remain pretty. 9.5/10, because of the outdated-esque sprites.

Sound - I only play my PSP with headphones, so keep that in mind. The game is filled with metal, there is no techno, or other such things that you would find usual fighting games, there are maybe 2 songs that involve electronic instruments, but those songs also involve guitar, bass guitar and drums, no vocals. 10/10, because the music goes well with the chaos going on on-screen.

Value - For the price, i couldn't pass up this game, 15CND?? Holy s*** is what passed through my mind, it was definitely a great buy. 8/10, because of Judgement.

So, there is my review [Uber long one].

Go buy this game.