I don't exactly know how to explain it, but I just don't think this game is very good, It's just fine.

User Rating: 6.5 | Guilty Gear Judgment PSP
Gameplay: Basically the game is a compilation between two games one of them is a fighting game and the other one is a beat'em, the fighting game actually is good, I just can't find a character I'm use to and I mean it's fine not good and not bad, although the Beat'em up is terrible, I'm sorry, It's just bad, it's a side-scroller although the character walk really slowly, it just should stay as a fighter In my opinion, I'm sorry, this is just my opinion.


Graphics: It supposed to be a 2D fighter, not a 3D one, so I won't really judge it on it's graphics, but really they're not so bad, but still compared to other fighter's on the PSP, but I think Street Fighter Alpha 3 has...well I don't I know, a tie in terms of it's graphics.


Story: A Fighting game and a Beat'em Up, so don't expect any huge story from the game, I mean games like these aren't story-based at all, so I mean if your reading this and your considering to buy this game, I don't think you'd really look for a deep story


Overall: Lots of reviews were saying this is good, I'm just stating what I think, I mean since I have 3 other fighters on the PSP I compare it to them, and all of them are better in terms of character combo's and storyline's and offcourse graphics, but I'm not saying this game isn't worth much I mean, if you find it for cheap get it, I got it for really cheap, so I think it was worth it.